Always go with a lawyer that specializes in claims for work-related accidents and illnesses. Don't pick a general lawyer or, worse, one that specializes in another field. Don't just get your divorce lawyer for the job -- he may have saved you a lot of money your ex-wife wanted to snatch, but he might do a really sloppy job if you have been injured at work. And let me tell you why.

Both the general and the specialized attorney have gone to the same school. They've taken the same courses; the two might even have set at the same desk. However, they got to pick a major at some point -- a set of subjects to focus on. Later on, when they got the degree, one focused on representing customers with the problems you're interested in, while the other dealt with everything, from landlord disputes to commercial frauds and homicide. I'm not saying that the latter isn't a good professional, but the former has spent most of his career studying and dealing with cases related to work accidents. He knows the legal practices and has a much broader experience than his generalist colleague.

I know I did the right job with Lou Pendas.

4/7/2013 18:17:23

Great advice .. especially if you are doing estate planning.


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